Thriving Or Surviving?

I’ll start by asking a question that changes the scene. A question that snaps you back to reality from your daydreams… A question that cuts straight to the chase.

Are you thriving or merely surviving?

Do you believe we were created in the mundane, with hearts now to tame. That we were created with a purpose and had passion poured over us. That there is fire within, but we’re too afraid to let the light in.

Do you believe we sit in anguish, never awakening our heart. Conquered by fear, we shield our ears, knowing that what we don’t hear, can’t hurt us. Surrounded by isolation, table for 1, please.

Do you believe that we pick our friends out of necessity? People just like us so we never have to change. People comfortable in conformity, and relaxed in repetition, never looking for a new adventure. See we all sit at home with Netflix, so that we don’t accidentally awaken what makes our hearts tick.

Because if the flame of our hearts started to burn, we now have a purpose that makes our stomachs churn. A purpose that ignites our souls to create hope, joy, peace, and love. A purpose that takes our comfortable life and just gives us a shove. A purpose that unlocks our inner child as we discover the power to dream.

To dream about the future, in a way that’s unknown. In a way that could take your life and shake you to the bones. To dream about the future, in a way where nothing is impossible, because even the word itself says, I’m possible. To dream about the future in a way that creates momentum, for the things yet to come.

These are the dreams we fear deep inside. The dreams that draw us out of solitude and into the crowd that make your heart start pumping, so fast and so loud.

But you know, your dreams hold a vision, that only you can see. A vision so scary it seems best to just let it be. It’s a vision that has potential to change the world you know, a vision that could alter the fabric of life. A vision that could end the noonday strife. A vision that captivates the people around you, radiating light that may seem too good to be true. A vision that welcomes the lost to a home. A vision that stands against being alone.

So if I asked, this question and you answered truthfully, where do you fall? Are you awakened in passion, or living in the ordinary? Maybe you are somewhere in between, but which side draws you in? Do you choose to be conquered by fear or the conqueror of truth?

Hope is Alive

Overwhelmed and defeated, shattered at best. Drowning in expectations; looking for an island. Seeking a refuge during this distress. Unable to communicate with the rest of the world. It’s just me and my broken heart. Beauty is a thing of the past, as my pillow catches countless tears.

Created for a purpose, sunken in responsibility. Crafted with a passion, extinguished with intensity. Struggling to stay afloat, barely able to survive a day. Choices left & right, but unable to decide I look at all my options. Walking on autopilot​, getting things done, it’s the same every day…

Kickstarting my week with freedom, but that quickly became foreign land as the world closes in. Running a marathon, unable to keep up, my mind is exhausted carrying the weight of the world.

I know I can’t do it alone for you stand with me, but unsure of your plans for my season, I wait; desperately looking for the light. Mountains growing around me, darkness surrounding. He’s in the waiting, or so they say; but with every growing day, my patience is tested and darkness prevails.

For I know that you are good, your plans better than I could ever design. You never let me down, my rock and my refuge.

My hope is built on the truth that you are alive. But in conjunction with your hope, ​the greatest of these is love. A powerful counter to any and all attacks. Because time is of the essence and love conquers every defense.

I press on, ignoring the steady ache in my heart, all to simply show that the world doesn’t thrive in fear and pain. Only through the times when it rains do you see how important it is that love, once came.

As this season starts, I am committed to encompassing love, in a reckless, never changing, always present, ever patient way. A way that reaches into the soul, drawing out hearts. A way that captivates courage, as it inspires transparency.

An honest love, grown in sadness, exploding in pain, as this season sparks cheer. Coming in like a freight train – leaving a different story to tell.

At the end of the day, ​I dwell, in the waiting – patient for your time, embracing your words, and rising to your challenges as you grow a soul that creates the kingdom.

Have You Ever

Have you ever seen the world, through the eyes of my soul?

A visionary captivated by love, fostered in brokenness, living in truth. I see the world ruled in disillusion, trapped in darkness, living in hopelessness. So much to see but it all eats away at my sacred heart. Chipping away layer by layer, really just an excavation site waiting for a treasure. Deep inside, I hold something the darkness can never overcome – truth.

I see the world as a platform for revival, exploding with possibilities, living in expectancy. I see the world home to a life – one that could be vivacious at the core. A world parched for reality. I see the world like a dry garden, needing only the one life-sustaining resource for survival – water. Only in my world, water is truth and I’m holding the nozzle,​ as everyone else kinks the hose.

So, next time you see the world try looking through my lens, at at the hurt, the healed, the angry, the unbothered, the lonely, the popular, the unprepared, the overly equipped, the broken, and the beautiful. Look at the burdens people carry till you can’t take it any longer…then keep looking. I see the world created for greatness but living only for survival.

I see the world through eyes that never relent.

In The Waiting

Everyone else deep in the sun, while I watch from the shade. Each in a different month, blooming in our own time. Waiting for my spring, waiting for my sun, seeking the outcome of the future.

The frost on my field, acquainted in patience. Planted to prosper, just waiting to bloom under the sun. For the harvest will be grand. I believe my season is coming. So I wait standing in the cold, dripping in the pain, developing in wonder. Catching curiosity, seeking wisdom, and battling culture.

Knowing His promise is grand, but His timing propels the world. Setting each event in time, never introducing a catalyst. Created in a perfect melody, we are found in our note. Our lives written like a symphony, orchestrated for greatness; embracing the seasons of life that we live, as they come to us. We are buried to grow. With each mile marked, from start to end, our life has been plotted, for both you and me friend.

I believe in my season- that is yet to come- because, I believe in His promise. The oil in my lamp, always enough; through the days and the weeks of cold, my heart emits your warmth. Your fire within me, light shining from my soul, here to illuminate the world we now know. Your world, created in a season, now in winter itself – waiting for your richness, captivated by your greatness.

You favor time, as all the memories show. Our sight is merely focused on the present, but we all look past the very first present. Gifted in a stable, your time started to tick, until one day the pieces of the world will all click. Until then, my seasons come and seasons go. So I sit, soaking in your Presence, waiting in your goodness, admiring your greatness.

I Really (Can)’t

I really can’t take the culture we live in, I really can’t take the world soaking in sin. I really can’t take the lack of community & how we have forgotten our sense of unity. I really can’t take the lack of communication, like we are all living in a permanent vacation. I really can’t take the terrible people or their judgement, like it to not you aren’t my judge and your sentence has no say. But I’m not going to tell you everything I can’t take, instead I’m going to let you in on my plans to remake.

This world is drenched with hurt and despair but all that means to me is that there is a lot of room for care. We each were given a lovely heart, they are just in need of a jump start. Don’t you worry I have the jumper cables, so I’ll start you up and you can help me shift the tables.

I am a dreamer with an attitude of hope, see revival is possible but you can’t make that happen if you are only living for survival. I challenge you to start living for more, so get out in the community and take a tour. If what you see breaks your heart, I know the feeling and you aren’t alone, but to truly make a difference we each must get off our throne. We are called to be the hands and feet, unfortunately living like that has proved to be quite the feat.

So I choose to be relentless, simply because I know that life happens within the mess. I am not afraid to kiss culture good-bye because what I have to offer is much more valuable than anything current culture can provide. The key here isn’t to be high and mighty but to simply start meeting people’s needs, learning to be there in a way that shows them you care – through your deeds.

I’ve set out to make a change, one that many people can’t comprehend it’s entire range. I crave the most out of life, but to get each flavor you have to learn how to walk to the beat of a different drum. To alter the way you have always strummed. Just because it’s what has always been done, doesn’t mean it can’t ever change to become. Possibility is a open door, you just have to have the courage to seek more.

I’m leading this movement from a different place, learning to lead from the back, picking up the pieces the world has dismissed. Changing up the definition of power and reaching for what has always been available all these changes seem unbelievable but I chose a way that isn’t debatable.

I choose to embracing the counter-cultural, the odd and the radical. Because to make something like this happen you have to dream wildly, live differently, love recklessly, and lead courageously.

The Movement

The people of the movement are changed and radical. To some appearing insane, but to others simply irresistible. Crafting an atmosphere of the tangible love that touches us. Learning how to heal the broken, starting with ourselves.

We change the culture in baby steps, one piece at a time. Opportunity is our best friend as we seize each moment. Drastically different we stand out in a crowd, subjected to the backlash of those who don’t understand.

Standing strong like the trees that were spoken into creation. Life breathed in our lungs from the start, jump starting our heart, we yearn for adventure. Crafted in love, coated in hurt, living in grace. We are learning to love ourselves and changing what we don’t love. Asking for the most out of life, we are seeking for guidance.

Always one step ahead searching for the next best thing, following your voice we move in our stories. With ups and downs we are a living testament of your provision. People living in the present, whatever that may bring. Trusting in your vision that we can’t always see, knowing your plan is greater than ours, absorbing your heart for people as a species.

Encountering your promises we soar on our wings, touching all the ends of the Earth. Living in abundance. Waiting on you, for the greatest gifts, as you declare the future, steadfast in our waiting.

We touch the people surrounding us in the moment, shifting their perspectives, crafting freedom. Encased in forgiveness with plenty to spare. Bringing this life giving, life saving, and life altering love to a world parched for attention.

Courageous or Cowardly?

Courage is a strange feeling, dominated by hope and created in fear. Not easily found but easily extinguished, like a candle in a hurricane. Having courage can be easy, but being courageous is what takes grit. They knock you down, but the courageous stand up; brushing of the dust and moving forward. The cowardly either trip them on their way down, or stand up seeking revenge.

The courageous abound, changing everything they come in contact with. As they influence the culture and the culture influences them. They bring the best of every place with them, embracing the loving side of the world. Bringing new ideas and traditions home as they see the importance of connection.

The cowardly are hyenas, seeking power, but it’s in a place never quite achievable. Atop pride rock, just not exactly sitting in the safety of respect. Seeking privilege that comes with responsibility and respect that comes with honor, their brains are missing the connection between it all.

Attempting to distract the courageous the cowardly set the courageous up for a chance to prove their courage or submit to cowardice. Leaving us only one question, are you among the courageous or the cowardly?

A Final Good-bye

You were my courage, my hope, and my smile; but things changed and you sprinted out. You were my confidence, my bravery, and my persistence; but things changed and you became my defeat.

I went from seeing you and soaring, to seeing you and barely being able to speak. Feeling incapable, feeling unworthy, and simply wanting to be invisible. Your words were a safety and now they cut like a knife. Lacking in emotion they leave me swimming in an ocean of my own tears. Trapped in a box that I let you put me in, I had to learn to stand on my own.

Learning to be myself, without you, was quite possibly the hardest thing I ever had to do; but I can’t keep pretending you don’t wreck me every single time. I guess the only reason is that you are the one acting broken, when you did the damage. An unlikely candidate for innocence, but I’m done playing your games.

So I made myself new, in a way you would never understand. You once held my heart, but then you tore it apart. I took the time to pick up all the pieces and this time I made a new picture, because the pieces fit together in more than one way.

I’m not sure what to say about a few things, so I’ll be brief and blunt. You built my confidence up to take a wrecking ball to the center of it. You made me brave, but when you left, so did my fearlessness. You were once a home but now, a house. With your closed up shutters and your dimmed lights. No one needs to know what’s going on inside, so keep your lame attempts at fixing what you broke. I don’t want your updated software, or your latest operating system.

Finally, I hope you know that when I pulled myself back together, I found my own confidence that doesn’t wavier in your judgement. I found my own courage, that has taken me farther than you ever could; and I hope that you know, it didn’t have to end like this, but since you insisted, you really shouldn’t act like you’re the one that got all twisted.


Moving like the mountains
Moving like the wind
There I find you again
Never leaving
Never failing
My fear escapes me
Igniting my heart
Igniting my start
So, I won’t be afraid
Chasing your choice
Chasing your voice
As you trace my every step
Your heart unexplainable
Your being undefinable
You meet me at my darkest hour
Lighting up my heart
Lighting up your part
I’ll sing your praise
Good is what you are
Good is where you set your bar
My eyes fixed on the unexpected
The road you took for love
Pushed the devil away with a shove
So, have your way here
You never left me craven
You never left the lost forsaken
Here, I’ll stand in the wonder of your shadow step

Growth Equals Greatness

New York
Paths fork
Plans changed
Life rearranged
Happiness found
Boredom drown
Courage taken
Fearlessly awakened
Craziness survived
Grace revived
Mercy plentiful
Interaction beautiful
Soul refreshed
Body pressed
Tempers test
Little rest
Laughs abundant
Anger redundant
Love abounding
Overall astounding

Embarking on another adventure, life hasn’t ever felt so pure. Triumphs come with trials, but those experiences are just wisdom to be filled. Fear, anger, and hate attack but courage, grace, and love counteract. Life is meant to be lived, but not like the amazing race; because we all have a different end destination, and we arrive at our own pace. Time is meant to be given away, encouraging words are what you should say, just turn on the lights and brighten another’s day. Because the unexpected is consistently there, but there is no need to sit and pull out your hair. We take life in stride, knowing we always have someone at our side. Our people support us and hold us up, from the times of ease to the times that seem like a tease. We are a team, created to help each other achieve our dreams.